Product Synopsis- Hidden Pearls

Finally, I can post this write-up! I’d finished drafting this days ago and was spooked when it didn’t go live. I thought about all the time I had wasted not blogging regularly. I guess I needed this jolt to feel grateful about this great platform to write on and that I should post consistently. Alhamdulilah […]

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5 Things Only Boy Moms Understand 

If you are a mum with sons, you’d know what I am talking about when I speak of the high noise level, the bouncing-off-the-wall kind of energy that comes from boys and dealing with their all day wild and craziness! But the thing is, I love my three boys immensely and have embraced their raucousness wholeheartedly. […]

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Effectively Prepping My Kids For Exams

The age gap between Li’l Man and Wise Man is less than 2 years. Which means that they’re only a class apart in school. Exams have been declared from this week on and we’ve been studying a little bit extra at home than usual to revise their finished portions. They are yet only in primary […]

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