5 Things Only Boy Moms Understand 

If you are a mum with sons, you’d know what I am talking about when I speak of the high noise level, the bouncing-off-the-wall kind of energy that comes from boys and dealing with their all day wild and craziness!

But the thing is, I love my three boys immensely and have embraced their raucousness wholeheartedly. Although Darling is still small, Li’l Man and Wise Man are growing fiercely fast, keeping me on my toes everyday with their innate naughtiness 😊

Listing here 5 things that only mums of sons will relate to and nod their heads in harmony with me:

1.  Any word related to ‘poop’ will grab their attention. Yes, they find it hilarious to mention ‘potty‘ and ‘susu‘ without any hesitation and can laugh about it for a long time. My ‘shhhs’ do little to quieten them up and I’m furiously praying for them to outgrow this phase. I just hope they are not as tickled by potty humour when they step into teenage 😒

2. Boys need to run around and spend their energies. We have bought bicycles for Li’l Man and Wise Man. I usually take them out in the evenings to wheel around the long stretch of the road just outside our house while I take a stroll with Darling. You have to let them have a good running space too. Failure to do so will wound your day up into crazy!

3. This one is sheerly annoying. I get upset by their usual rough playing and wrestling. I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that boys love roughhousing. But no matter how much I try, I can’t look away when they are joshing each other around. I feel this one’s the biggest hurdle for boy moms. My heart leaps out of fright whenever one of them starts crying, hurting himself in the hustle!

4. Their tummies are bottomless pits and they’re always looking around for more to eat. No matter how many rotis I feed them, they’re always back for more within an hour or less. And they’re just 8 and 6 years of age. I’m already dreading their adolescence stage when their appetite will increase manifold!

5. At the end of the day, all three of my boys want to be tucked into bed and can’t have enough of snuggles before they fall asleep. In short, li’l boys will always seek your affection and melt your hearts with their tight hugs and ‘sorrys’ for giving you a tough time throughout the day.

Keep them close and shower them with lots of love before they grow into men, retreating into a rational and less expressive emotional world of their own.

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  1. You are such an amazing mother Rooshna, your precious boys are blessed to have you! The biggest difference I have seen in my daughters and sons is that my sons also eat ALOT, waaay more than my girls- as you mention your sons do too!

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