A Glimpse Into My Kitchen Chronicles

Times like today when I am trying to hold onto the last bit of losing my nerves. My youngest two have been ill since three days now. While Wise Man (my second child) braves his illness nonchalantly, Darling (my littlest) looks fazed to be feeling the way he has been. On days like these, when I feel lost, helpless or too drained, I immerse myself in house chores- sorting my… Read More »A Glimpse Into My Kitchen Chronicles

Baking Diaries

It’s amazing and feels therapeutic when I decide to bake something, especially when the eldest two are away at school and Darling is well-fed so that he busies himself with playing. I’m left at peace to whip up some baked goodies and today I went in for two batches of date cake. My kitchen now is wafting heavenly with the sweet smell of cinnamon and dates! Hubster is away for a… Read More »Baking Diaries

Learning the Art of Mindful Homemaking 

I am thrilled about procuring a self-hosted blog at last! A dream I’ve been rearing since quite some time now. Alhamdulilah for people who Allah sends your way for your ardent prayers to come true. It’s amazing when you meet women on social media platforms who reach out and willingly lend help. I feel that’s the true definition of strong and sensible idioms like ‘real queens fix each other’s crowns’… Read More »Learning the Art of Mindful Homemaking 

Write-up Published

Take a look at my write-up published at Allarsh, the stellar online magazine for women 😊 Click here to be transported to their website.  Lemme know if the ideas to prep up healthy and delicious meals for your younger ones helped. Your feedback is precious 💕

Write-up Published

Penned an article on the invention, evolution and popularity of Chocolate Brownies for Allarsh, the one of its kind Indian online mag for women. Along with a super simple but luxurious brownie recipe! Do give it a read 👇 The Chocolate Brownie Story