Decoding Dan Brown

   There are favorite authors of every reader. I, personally, like Dan Brown. Currently reading his book ‘Deception Point’, I am so impressed with the kind of intelligent plot his master mind weaves around attention-grabbing themes. I especially admire the reality he ushers into his stories, as if you are either watching an action-packed movie or are one of the characters in his books, who is watching the suspense unfold. His novels never fail to give you a sitting-at-the-edge-of-your-seat feel. I have read three of his books so far but I am partial to liking ‘Angels and Demons’ more than ‘The Da Vinci Code’, which has received more acclaim than the rest. What’s more interesting about his books are that he hooks us onto every page. I usually read before going to sleep, but when I am reading Dan Browns’ novels, I am always kept awake a few more hours than usual. In ‘Deception Point’, the character of Marjorie Tench marveled me. She is portrayed as an extremely shrewd but strong politician. It makes us think how political tides of a country are being directed by such powerful officials. Shown as a typical opportunist, she’s a woman you’d love to hate. Brown’s smart plotting is in tune with the incidents that take place in real. The facts he gives and the kind of detailing he goes into makes you wonder if there is anything this guy doesn’t know about! I know, for a fact, that writers possess an IQ only second to doctors but Brown definitely proves this wrong. His score would top even theirs! I mean, isn’t it amazing that he can tell you even the deepest secrets of the Vatican City, or the minute and exclusive details of the finest military equipments used my United States, or the niceties about the White House rooms and the building itself. It is definitely impressive. 

I am a fan of Dan Brown and his novels and I will always wait for him to weave a web of story around the issues that are more real than fiction.

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