Effectively Prepping My Kids For Exams

The age gap between Li’l Man and Wise Man is less than 2 years. Which means that they’re only a class apart in school. Exams have been declared from this week on and we’ve been studying a little bit extra at home than usual to revise their finished portions.

They are yet only in primary standards but I try following simple guidelines so that they adapt to healthy study habits. And I thought of sharing a few tips here.

1. I keep them equipped with plenty of stationary and books. I feel if they’ve enough resources, they’ll deviate from thinking of excuses to not study. Also, I allow them to watch videos on my phone that’ll help in understanding their chapters better. Like their lessons on traffic rules, communication, sea world become interesting when they watch visuals along with learning theory from their textbooks.

2. There are times when my children score very low on their test sheets and also when they score really well. I make sure they practice correction and realise where they could have avoided making mistakes. On days they score well, I praise them heartily and urge them to show their marks to their Abbu and Daadima. This way they know how good it feels to do well on their tests and they can strive to do better the next time too.

3. I have learnt to stay composed when they commit silly mistakes on their class test papers, score low marks, copy from their partners on test days (yes, they do that even in small classes and have told me when they did so!) or simply being lazy to complete their notes. Earlier these things used to make me mad. But I realised that my kids are only learning to react badly when things go wrong. So instead I try staying calm and focus on rectifying their mistakes, explaining how they can prevent slacking off.

4. The last thing I’d want is for them to fall ill during their exams. Along with serving them healthy meals, I also try feeding them on time. I’m hoping that forming good eating habits early will ensure they have timely meals when they reach higher standards and the stress of studying would increase.

5. Keeping awake till after midnight is a protocol in our house because hubster comes home late from work and everything else follows subsequently late. I am generally unhappy with children’s sleep routine. They need good sleep to function better at both academics and life in general. I am trying to break the pattern and make bedtime fun for them. Reading them stories, talking to them or playing word games. I hope they start finding bedtime appealing and go to sleep on time.

6. Children’s preparation time for exams needn’t be all that stressful. Allowing them leisure, learning also when they are in the midst of their play by asking simple questions abruptly from their portions (“what’s 2×5?” or “where does east fall from where you stand?”) makes studying casual and fun.

Although I’m gearing kids up for their exams, I am also earnestly awaiting their holidays to begin. To take my mind off the daily life affairs and escape to my mum’s house away from Pune!

For now though, I’m focusing on being a good mentor and preparing them to do well on their papers. After all, exams are a menace for only the unprepared.

Good luck to all the children☺

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    1. So glad you liked the post, Kehkasha! Yes it takes quite an effort to remain calm when kids ruin the study routine but have to act smartly and get them back to studying hard again ☺❤

  1. Great tips Rooshna! I also believe sleep is key for a well functioning mind and brain- it makes a huge difference! Thank you for taking the time out to share these awesome tips, much love to you!

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