Fancy Shopping at an Online Hijab Boutique?

I have not always been a hijabi. To cover my head was an option kept open to me by my parents. They never forced me and when I grew into my teens, I willingly chose to cover my hair with headscarves whenever I went out. This was moreso because my best friend was a hijabi and we had an Islamic environment in schools in U.A.E. How fondly I remember those days!

Later, when I came to Pune to recieve graduation, the environment here did little to remind me of covering my head and I dismissed wearing hijab. For me, it was just what Muslimahs had to do and I didn’t feel I was ‘there’ yet. The beautiful and important concept of donning hijab was lost on me.

It was immediately after our wedding that hubster expressed he’d like to see me wear burkha. And though, I wasn’t too keen, comfortable or prepared to cover up with a complete black garment, I agreed to adapt to it. (The things you do in the just-married phase! *eye roll*)

To put it all briefly though, today I can speak of myself as a hijab-lover. (I’m reserving a detailed post on my hijab story for later, in sha Allah). I see hijab in a positive light. Most importantly, I love the peace that comes with knowing that I am obeying Allah and living the way that is loved by Him. When you go against Allah’s commandment, you go against nature or innate disposition towards virtue and that unease penetrates every part of your life.

I am moving towards reviewing now. I just felt it important to write a small background on my journey with wearing hijabs and covering up.

Hubster relented and clicked a few snaps for me to post with this write-up. He finds it funny when I pose for a click. I agree with him, I am not a good poser 🙈. However, I’m hoping this video gives a clear image of the modish abaya that I received from My Batua

When I was sent an abaya by the online store My Batua, I was pleased because:

🔼This is the first time I’d wear a non-black abaya.

🔼I love the color blocks of monochrome in the abaya. It lends it a mimimalist and stylish look.

🔼The fabric is soft and falls well on the body.

🔼 The neckline is round and the front opens easily with tick buttons sewn.

🔼 The sleeves are bell-shaped. I love that in an abaya. Gives it a kimono kind of look.

🔼 There are pockets on both sides. (Important storage place for a mum when outdoors!)

🔼 The delivery of the abaya was quick.

🔼 The size fit well according to the measurements I had provided.

I was displeased with:

🔼 The fabric of the hijab. I found it too thick for head covering. Within a few minutes I started feeling stuffy. I guess I’m going to pair the abaya with another lighter hijab whenever I decide to wear it.

Nevertheless, I surfed through their website and found that you can be spoilt for choices! They offer jilbabs, burqinis, cardigans, salwar suits and hijab accessories for women’s wear and also have a grand collection for men’s wear.

My Batua is a must check out online store for all your modest wear necessities.

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