SAHM Blues

Now that Li’l Man and Wise Man have gotten into a regular routine of going to school, I’m left with more time on hands, except on weekends when I am deluged in demands of keeping them busy or giving into their constant requests for food. (They’re mostly bored so find excuses to eat when they aren’t creating a havoc around the house with their raucousness).

Thanks to our ever helpful maid, I am spared some of the chopping, cleaning and looking after Darling during the day time. She earnestly relieves me of my work so that I can have more time writing, sorting out stuff around the house, reading or just idly surfing through my phone. Alhamdulilah for this privilege which has come to me after years of doing it all on my own and more.

However, I am now left with wondering about how to spend my precious free time. I love making stories on Instagram and reviewing brands or writing content. But, that still leaves me with time that makes me feel like I’m taking it for granted.

I have lost touch with friends during the last nine years since I got married. And those that are close to my heart are not even in India. Also, I have so little contact with the world outside my home that it has left me feeling isolated. Sometimes, I’m so solitary that I drift away to sleep with the string of prayer beads in my hand after I get done with offering salah.

I am not much of a shopper and it feels unproductive to aimlessly roam the malls or buy things I don’t need. Instead,. I’d like to share, learn and be in touch (not just virtually) with like-minded women and moms. But, that seems far-fetched considering that I don’t leave the house without kids and I am not sure how I can connect without some sort of socialising.

All this has led me to ponder over whether I should take up learning yoga (🙈), join a library (there are none in the vicinity we reside in 🙄), go for strolls (I hate walking alone) or … I run out of ideas here.

My lifestyle is becoming increasingly sedentary and I’m left on my own almost all the time. I worry of the future when I’ll be even more alone as kids grow up into teens and would need me less to do their work.

How do mums keep themselves happily occupied when their children are grown enough to go to school, have their own friends and lifestyle?

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  1. Learn to live for urself a little roosh.. u r a wonderful soul and u r untiringly fulfilling ur responsibilities but u shud also live for urself and do things that make you happy without thinking about others sometimes.
    Go out, meet friends, make friends, go for coffee by urself wid a book, spare some time for a spa.. take care of urself so that u can take more care of others.. love u 😘

  2. I agree we have to be selfless when it comes to taking care of the children. But parenting is not a one man show. You need to tell your partner how important is your mental health and how you need to take a break once in a week when your partner is off and go out with friends or alone to have a cup of coffee or explore new restaurant and have some peace of mind. You r doing a great job. Love you

  3. This post is so relatable. It’s easy to get into a rut when you’re a stay at home mom. I’ve actually taken up yoga. It’s perfect for relaxing and really focusing on myself, plus it’s a nice addition to my current workout routine! I hope you’ve found something fulfilling to do with your free time.

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