Got An Ear For Music?

Music. Though the name literally doesn’t bring any sound along with it, when uttered, has a profound effect on our moods! Strange, but true.

Lazing around? Doing nothing? Thinking about everything negative? All that can instantaneously change when tuned into a musical number. That’s what the new research claims. You read it everywhere. Even hear it on the news. But how far is that true? Actually, I guess it does have some meaning. Music, these days, has become a part of our lives. Just like chatting with a friend. That’s natural, right? So is listening to music. I mean it’s more than a mere hobby. It’s a trend. It’s modish to carry a mobile phone around which is also nothing short of an ipod today- my dad just got a N73 for me (okay, u catch me grinning sheepishly!); we have FM stations never leaving us and promising us “happiness” 24/7. Computers, laptops, music channels, radios in car and home, all of them keep blasting music every time we try tuning in. The point is that it’s surprising how the “melody rage” has ‘taken us by our ears’ and makes all of us dance to its tune. So much so, that it even lifts our spirits and puts us into an ebullient mood! Even now I am listening to Rihanna croon on my laptop. So, two things make sense: Music is not only therapeutic but also fashionable. So I can conclude that music isn’t as over-rated a pastime as I thought it was. It’s actually leisure, in a way. Hmmm… guess it is to be given more credit to. Its time I start looking out for that Limewire thingy everyone’s talking about…

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