Hijab by Tuba Naaz

Before I delay writing this review even further, I have decided to get this done today. There’s an avalanche of mail awaiting to unwrap and review and I’d start thinking less of myself if I postpone any further now 🙈

It is often a pleasure to review abayas, scarves and hijabs now that I have grown highly fond of them over the years. It was generous of Hijab by Tuba Naaz to send me a stunning abaya from their exquisite collection.

Their mail arrived quite swiftly and the packaging was impressive. The luxurious lace-work, the sheer softness of the material and the basic color tones of the maroon and black abaya had me besotted.

The abaya opens in the front with a long row of tic buttons under a thick border of maroon that laces the anterior of the cover-up.

The chunky borders of intricate maroon crochet on both the sleeves gives the abaya a ritzy look. The sleeves are large and bell-styled.

The fabrics used for the abaya and hijab are a combination of polyster and soft georgette.

What I found striking was that this abaya makes for both a party-wear and for casual outings.

If I was asked to change anything about the beautiful abaya, I’d mention the black scarf for hijab. I wish it was done in a shaded maroon-black hue or bordered with a simple piping or a patch-work at just one end of the scarf.

Hijab by Tuba Naaz also provides customization of hijabs and abayas to suit your requirements in terms of sizes and designs. They have recently launched a splendid new line of modest-wear collection, so do take a peek into their instagram page.

Signing off on a note of wisdom: Always hand-wash your scarves and abayas using a mild shampoo. That way your hijabs and jilbabs will never lose their sheen and will stand to be more durable ☺

Au revoir ⚘

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