How I Keep Kids Happy During Their Summer Break

Today marks the 10th day of our stay in Mumbai. Li’l Man and Wise Man have been having a blast! They were weary of the exams that went on for two weeks. I mean, do 6 and 8-year-olds need study leaves in between exams? Anyway, it seems that they fled from a cage and are surely enjoying their hiatus from school!

Though I do wish for them to have fun, I also wish I could enroll them to some educational class for their mind to find stimulus. They love their iPad too much and watch TV almost all day. I’m worrying that these are numbing their minds. I also wish there were museums, libraries and clean parks around. Unfortunately, we need to travel too long to get access to even gardens here. At times, I feel like I live in the dark ages. Sigh!

I know this is seeming more like a rant than a blog post. So instead of wishful thinking, I’m going to state a few things I tried doing with kids this summer and, which has more or less, worked quite well.

1. Took kids to the beach.

To be honest, the beach experience for me was tumultuous. I often stay indoors, thus face a hard time with even tiny discomforts. I detested the sharp sun, the crowded shore and sand all over me. But, looking back, I realize kids didn’t complain even once. They went crazy giggling as the waves splashed on their feet and when they sat, the water swished all over them as they rolled over with broad grins and guffaws!

2. Bought kids ball.

As simple as it sounds, giving li’l kids a large football to play with keeps them busy for hours. Thankfully, my parents have a large enough space below their building where kids can run around and throw ball. So, this was easy but profound because they’re spending energy on physical activity instead of watching mind-numbing telly.

3. Cooking them good food.

My mum’s cooking them delicacies almost everyday. From kebabs to dal rice and tandoori chicken to cutting up fresh fruits. During school days, I make simple foods and try feeding them healthy with dozes of baked goodies once a week. During vacations, they’re home all day and are thrilled to eat treats made by their grand-mom. Also, well-fed kids are easier to manage. Less chances of melt-downs đŸ™‚

4. Allow them to be bored.

Seems incredulous but is actually a brilliant idea. Once I shut the TV off and hide their tablet, they are forced to sit and play cards, converse with their grandparents and even take care of Darling (their li’l brother). I allow some laziness to seep in too. After all, its a vacation and their time to rest and relax.

Having said all that, it helps in recognizing that not every moment of the holidays is going to be carefree and fun. As a parent, it helps me in keeping a perspective. And making sure my cup is full as I give myself some downtime too.

How do you make the most of your summer holidays with children (assuming you’re a mom)?

Would love to know of more tips to engage kids and self when the holidays come đŸ™‚

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  1. Another post speaking to my heart. Worry not, Sister, rants can be calming too, when shared with those facing similar ebs n flows of life. Alhamdulillah, Mommy’s home always provides a rescue. Allah bless all mothers., Ameen. I have only one tip to keep kids happy and that is staying close to them as much as possible. That is not practically a thing happening every day. But the satisfaction levels on both sides heighten when I am available to kids. No matter, what we do. It’s a win win always.
    Thr 2nd passage is so so relatable. I am all time complaining about not having a place to go. An accessible and kid friendly environment, parks, library, and all that. Even a good bookstore is so pathetically up priced that we have to shun the idea of visiting altogether.

    Yet, Alhamdulillah for comfy homes and love found in here. Alhamdulillah for the “chaos” we are in charge of, while we can be. And Alhamdulillah for this beloved nest of birdies around before the flee from our loving hostages. God bless you.

  2. What a beautiful comment! I’m sorry that I missed replying earlier, sis. I love reading long replies and yours touched my heartđŸ’–

    Yes, merely being there for kids is so effective. They need us at this age and in sha Allah they’ll be around when they grow up and we’ll want them.đŸ’–đŸ’–đŸ’–

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