Fitting In, Fitting Out

I don’t claim to be a non-conformist. The fact is, until a very short while ago, I thought nothing of myself. So much so, I know how painful it is to walk down a street and feel like all eyes are on you, to think, People know I am ordinary. When I came to Psy-Fy in my capacity as a graphologist, a lot of young people came to have their handwriting analyzed; some out of fun, some out of genuine want for self-improvement. It was striking how so many of them had sunk down into the depths of low self-esteem by trying to fit in and be the sorts of people they aren’t, and failing. It may sound cheesy, but I wish everyone would look into themselves and see their uniqueness. I know it’s an old line, but still. No one’s born smart and intelligent, and though some of us lose our self-esteem on the way, we need to back up, find it again and run with it. Stuff that you think “doesn’t matter”- like a knack for communication with people you’re closer to. You can build this up and go beyond just being able to speak well and counsel your family. Stuff like having a decently nice singing voice. You can build on that too. You don’t have to aspire to be the next Lata Mangeshkar even if you voice is that good. Just run with it. It’s your thing. It’s you. Be proud of it. 

This applies to other things you might be good at: watching movies, playing Counterstrike, not blowing up the Chem lab during lab practicals – anything and everything. Build it up; draw your self-worth from it. It does not matter. A little bit of introspection can go a long way.

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  1. I completely agree to this post of yours, and myself being a confused adolescent, am certainly inspired by your words! This blog really speaks my mind.

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