It’s OK to Just Be 

Some quiet moments of solitude and reflection left me sorted and refreshed at dawn today. That’s the best time to be with your thoughts since children are asleep and the demands of chores-to-be done don’t begin yet.

There is so much for which we give ourselves less credit for. Taking countless efforts to make the people around us feel comfortable, loved, fed, happy; tending to their needs and wants, comforting them through life’s hues and cries. Somewhere, though, amidst constantly being there for others, we forget *us/me* behind and allow ourselves to get consumed by negative self-talks and feeling purposeless.

It takes constant intimation to self that it’s ok for not being the best and that you are not in a race against anyone. It’s ok to just love abundantly even if that means you fail innumerable times to express and impress. And it’s important to tell yourself that your soul purpose in life is to please the Almighty, intending to turn all your actions into a form of worship- serving your spouse, taking care of your children, even sleeping and eating for His sake alone.

“And I created not the jinn and mankind except that they should worship Me (Alone)” (Quran 51:56)

A beautiful reminder.

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