Keep That Flu At Bay… Naturally

Darling isn’t feeling too well today. A mild fever along with cough and cold can be annoying to deal with as a baby. I remember when Little Man and Wise Man suffered from viral symptoms, we used to rush to GPs and get them medicines for cure. However, what eventually used to happen was that Little Man’s health deteriorated and he lapsed into illness a week later. It dawned on me that perhaps the ‘medicines’ that the physicians so generously prescribe for children only made them weak and dependent on them. Hence, I have firmly decided to not give into depending on allopathic cures alone. Instead, I use honey, warm water, milk made with turmeric powder, some water infused with carrom seeds (ajwain) and jaggery. In essence, remedies that can be easily prepared at home.

Now, whenever one of them suffers from flu, I apply Vicks Vapor Rub all over their bodies and lastly on the soles of their feet. I then cover their feet with socks and put them to sleep. This has, by far, worked really well in curing their colds. Also, I mix 1 tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm water and give them to drink. Honey is a powerhouse of health benefits. Not to forget mentioning, it is a Sunnah to intake this golden syrup for remedial measures.

I have aborted hastily resorting to clinical remedies. As a result, Little Man has recovered from his severe respiratory illness. It’s been two years we haven’t made a dash to our GP. Alhamdulilah.

Call me conventional, but I strongly feel that constant visits to doctors fail your health, giving you respite from pain only for the time being. It’s better to find remedies on the shelves of our kitchens. Their boons can not be overemphasised.

So, I have given Darling a teaspoonful of cough syrup (to minimize his irritation) today, rubbed some Vicks and pulled socks over his feet. While I write this, I’m nursing him to sleep. Praying he feels better after waking up.

What do you do to cure the ailments that occur in your kids? Do you also resort to home remedies? If so, would love to know more about them.

And if you’d like to ask about any simple homemade cure, I’d be glad to help out.

PS: this post does not mean that you completely abandon registering allopathic medicines to children. If they have high fever or are suffering from severe pain, don’t hesistate to get a diagnosis done immediately. I only recommend not being disposed to clinical medicines completely.

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  1. Some year back, lets say when our grand parents were young, no one used to run to doctors too often. But back then every home had its own medicinal garden. And they knew what to do . But today, we have no idea of what to do…..and I have no idea what leaf looks like what either, except for tulsi …

    I won’t say doctors are not important, but running to doctor every time isn’t that great. we need to rewind a bit back and learn the old ways too …

  2. When my little one was a toddler, cold & cough were her besti friends. First reaction from suffering mom would be to rush to GP but slowly I realised home remedies help too… hence I started nutmeg pwd & pure honey concoction & warm soothing application by ajwain (carrom seeds) really helped.
    So I am 50/50 both

  3. we share same thoughts not medication is the best medication. and i love home remedies . also i have been told no honey untill baby is 1 year old. what do you suggest? my daughter catches cold and cough often.

    1. Danisha, i introduced pure honey to all my 3 kids since the day they were born.. one slurp on my tiny finger tip everyday when they were infants and now in almost all foods that need to be sweetened b4 feedin 🙂

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