Making It Easy For Kids To Fast In Ramadan

There are merely 10 days left for Ramadan to end. Time flies quickly and I already feel that I haven’t done my best to fully benefit from this month.

Li’l Man and Wise Man have observed almost all fasts till now, Alhamdulilah and I thought of penning down a few things that has helped me in keeping them motivated

To know how you too can make it easy for your children to observe fasts, read on ☺

1. Never Force Them

Before bed, Hubster and I ask the kids if they are up to gaining lots of rewards and Allah’s love. And if they’d like to fast the next day, emphasising that they should make an intention if they wish to do so.

Li’l Man wakes up rather readily for suhoor while Wise Man finds it hard to arise. We let him sleep in, but he eventually gets up hearing us bustling for tahajjud and suhoor preps.

We don’t want kids to start resenting the Ramadan routine. And so we’ve never coaxed them into fasting, but gently will them to understand the beauty of Ramadan explaining the rewards to come.

2. Make it fun for them.

My kids enjoy helping out when it’s time to spread iftar on the dastarkhwaan. Li’l Man helps me arrange plates, remove dates and has made me promise that I’ll let him help bake cookies and cakes with me. Wise Man watches him keenly and does the same, Alhamdulilah. So, iftar prepping is our happy time on most of the days.

In addition, we have been doing Ramadan activities compiled by Asbah and Mehreen. They emailed me their e-book, which I simply printed and bound into a folder for kids to engage in fun and educative exercises. The activities are based on Ramadan and learning basics of Islam and kids are enjoying every page, Alhamdulilah.

We are waiting for Eid to arrive so we can make use of the banners given at the end of the activity sheets.

3. I Know They’re Watching Me

I feel blessed that the kids have their father to look up to. He never misses his Salah and is keen on teaching them the value of faith.

I’m overjoyed when I see Darling place his mini prayer mat and stand next to me in Salah, mouthing ‘Allahu Akbar’ or when Li’l Man leads us all in prayers.

The point I’m trying to make here is that kids look up to us. We must try giving them a good role model to emulate. Doing what we want them to do helps in letting them learn early and easily.

4. Make Good Food.

Since they are learning how to fast at this tender age (they are 8 and 6 years of age), I ensure I reward them for trying to establish a good habit. They quite enjoy home-baked treats and I’m not the one to resist going an extra mile for them 😊

Li’l Man requested for chicken cutlets again today (we’ve been having those for 3 days in a row now). But, I’ve already readied a batch to fry.

Make them look forward to treats after breaking fast.

5. Don’t Scold Them For Their ‘Mistakes’

Wise Man broke his fast twice this Ramadan. All I did was gently explain that Allah’s watching and he can try harder the next time.

Li’l Man refused to wake up for suhoor a couple of times because he was too sleepy. We gave him the option of staying in bed or pleasing Allah, with whom lies the reward of a wonderful Paradise. He groggily sat up and then joined his Abbu for wudhu (abolution).

Describe them the beauty of our faith and the mercy of our Rabb. Talking about hell, sins and misery will scare and scar them. We can always tell them of these things when they have a mind to understand later on, in sha Allah.

I have given examples from what Hubster and I try doing for our kids to love religion and adopt good values. It’s different for everyone and we have days when kids give us a very hard time. But, we try sticking to the basics and making dua that all our kids weave faith into their daily lives. Ameen 💕

Hope these tips help. Let me know if you’d like me to pen more such articles, in sha Allah ⚘

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  1. Masha Allah sis! Truly amazing tips that one can really benefit from, im glad both u and ur hubster engage in team work for the kids to understand all the basics of our beautiful religion with such ease! Alhamdulillah there are many things I try on my own, and many others im genuinely trying to do moving forward from the tips you suggested! JazakAllah for these really amaZing tips!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback sis. I always look forward to seeing your replies. M glad that the post was of use in sha Allah. May Allah make our children the coolness of our eyes. Ameen 💖💖💖

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