Mother Sparsh- a Must Have Baby Product In Your House

I’ve heard enough about how, historically, our parents coped just fine without water wipes. Now, I try to either educate people about the convenience of using wet wipes or just plain give a deaf ear to those who refuse to understand.

Before disposable wipes and nappies, water and cloth were the popular choices but while they didn’t use baby wipes, they also never knew that the new era will bring along with it biodegradable wipes just like Mother Sparsh has.

Since Darling is not yet potty-trained, I make sure that I always stock up on diaper pants and baby wipes. I have found Mothersparsh wet wipes, by far, the best uptil now. I am going to state the reasons for my choice, of course

* Mothersparsh 99% wet wipes are not only fragrance-free, chemical-free and environmentally-safe but are great on sensitive baby skin.

* The extra thick and large sheets of the wet wipes make sure that cleaning is no hassle. You know what they say about coverage 🙂

* On those rare times, when I am on the go and I have to create a diaper bag with toddler/kids essentials, Mothersparsh wet wipes have come to the rescue. Diaper change, cleaning those little hands and faces (count them all ×3!) has been extra convenient. Hubster and me are big on cleanliness so it’s great to have soft wet wipes on our fingertips.
* They’re not just good enough. They’re fantastic! I actually find the Mother Sparsh wet wipes better to use than all the other supermarket and big brand wipes I’ve used and no more long-lasting plastic waste eithe
* At first I was surprised because there is no fragrance but quickly got used to the fact. I’ve used water wipes of different brands earlier but on realising they weren’t biodegradable, I was keen to find something equally gentle but greener. Mother Sparsh wet wipes are great! They clean really well and don’t leave baby’s skin as wet as ordinary water wipes do, so less issue with rashes after changing.

* I’ll always remember the whirlwind of a time I had while cleaning both my eldest boys when they were babies. I knew less about baby wipes then and I wish I could use Mothersparsh 99% wet wipes on my babies’ delicate skins. But I’m happy that my youngest is luckier.

* What’s more, I’ve used Mother Sparsh wet wipes to freshen up and wipe some grub off my face. If it works on my kid’s skin, it works on me as well. There are times I have recommended or helped my other friends or relatives too. It’s super gentle on the skin.

* I particularly like that Mother Sparsh offers the solution to sticky tapes- that often loose adhesive after a few uses- is to provide a moisture lock plastic lid that seals the goodness inside till the end. The brand offers a pack of 72 wipes at fairly reasonable price of 299/- each.

* Being a mum of three messy boys, two eldest aged seven and nine years old and a potty training 3 year old, I get through a lot of wipes. Since using Mother Sparsh, I’ve been hooked. These are wet enough, easy to use, get everything off, quick delivery, reasonably priced. I love these!

In the end, I’ll just be honest and say that as a mum of three I literally use wet wipes for everything and have them stashed around my home for easy reach. In our living room, our bedroom, diaper bags and cupboards. Now tell me how many of you mums out there will admit to doing this… be truthful 🙂

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