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I have been under the weather for a while. Cough, cold and headache have been keeping me company, Alhamdulilah. And, in truth, I have done little to shoo them away. Rest is something I get in mini dozes. So, I’ve taken the convenient way out and have been popping pills. Getting unwell, indeed, is a blessing from the Almighty. In the course, you realise what a gift it is to be hale and healthy.

Today is no better. But, it exults me to know that my small albeit wonderful following has been awaiting and asking me as to when my next blog will be going up. It fills me with gratitude. So, this write-up is mainly for all those who have been appreciative and supportive of my blog. Much love to all of you ❤

I was planning to create my next write-up on a review about the beautiful phone case that I received from Cyahi. However, they manufacture phone cases exclusively for iPhones and I don’t own one. The one they sent is petite and doesn’t encase hubsters phone. So, they have kindly agreed to send a larger case. Since that is on hold now, I am here, writing this.

My review writing started not as an imitation of anybody. Instead, when I rekindled my blog, I was asked to mention and review products for whom I was already writing content. The Internet is splashed with people reviewing and expressing their thoughts all over it. It is not an exclusive claim for just a few to do so. I am thoroughly enjoying this new found hustle. Alhamdulilah. Also, hoping to line up much more endeavours, in sha Allah 😊

Meanwhile, I discovered a beautiful surah today, called Surah Ad-Duha. It is the 93rd surah in the Holy Quran. By ‘discovered’, I mean reading the tafseer and history of it. It was revealed to the Prophet (S.A.W) when he was in utter depair and thought that Allah had forgotten about him. Since, I have been feeling a bit low on the Imaan meter, it was a boon to read this. He never forgets you, even when you fall into sins continously. How Merciful is He? Subhan Allah. I am very far from being called religious. My notes here don’t mean as a rant on making myself appear pious. No. It’s a journey that we all are in. A journey to better ourselves in His eyes, no matter how dubious your character may seem to people around you.

Leaving you with this today. Do pen down your thoughts on my page. I’m more than glad to read and reply.

Au revoir 💟

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  1. Masha’Allah always feel good after reading yr blogs just simple n sweet. Just keep the good work going, awaiting for the next.

  2. Masha-allah rosshna ur work is so much simple & very much related to the daily routine.
    I always feel so much connected to every blog u write. Good work. ☺

  3. Rooshna enjoyed reading your write up…your blog is addictive! Great wordings and simple topics anybody can relate to…thanks for sharing your experiences…waiting for the next one 🙂

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