My Friend Takes The Entrepreneurial Plunge

Few people in life connect to us instantly – sans time, sans words, san many rendezvous. I have known Hilarious (I love keeping pseudo-names and this friend of mine is terribly witty!) since more than two years now and can count on one hand the number of times I have met her but whenever we catch up it feels like we just met yesterday. She is a beautiful soul and I was overjoyed when she told me about the launch of her boutique this year. I still remember the time when the idea of an abaya boutique was a baby concept in her mind. And, today, she runs it like a boss ☺ Ma sha Allah.

Ramadan was soon to begin this year and I wished to see her inaugurated business before it became my pipe dream. Hence I took my mum along to visit Hilarious’ abaya store. To be bluntly honest, I least expected the boutique to be so posh. For explainable reasons, of course. One, because I was expecting work to be still in progress and two, because in my mind I didn’t think you could recreate an international sort of ambience while in India. I was proven wrong because as soon as we stepped in, my mind said, “Wow, Ma sha Allah!”. Feeling instantly at ease as we entered, I could see that a lot of hardwork and research had been put into composing and organising a chìc and stylish emsemble of abayas, jilbabs, hijabs, attars (non-alcoholic perfumes) and hijab accessories. I felt reminded of boutiques I have been to when we stayed in UAE.

I was impressed to see how staunchly Hilarious is supported by her family and husband. I can’t help but mention that her mum is one of my favourite people in the world – a modest, intellectual and noble lady (attributes that are so rare to find these days.)

It was generous and thoughtful of Hilarious to gift me a set of two beauteous stoles, hijab cap, brooch and sleeves (in case my abayas are short-sleeved), wishing me a happy Ramadan. I have never worn shades such as these and was pleased to see the fabrics feel luxurious to my touch.

Some of my favourite cover-ups from the store are:

You can find some useful videos uploaded on YouTube, some exhibiting tutorials on styling hijabs and a few about the abaya studio.

You can view the videos here:

Al Amira Abaya Studio 

Al Amira Abaya Studio 2

Al Amira Abaya Studio 3

This one by ‘HungryZeen’

If you reside in Pune and are looking out for Hijabwear, you can avail Ramadan offers that are up fo grab at Al Amira Abaya Studio. They also ship all over India and abroad. You can get in touch with them for more information, of course.

I pray that Allah blesses Hilarious with immense ease and success in her chosen endeavour. Ameen 😊

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  1. Wow… To make your vision into reality is so amazing. I wish your absolutely gorgeous friend AL the success… She has done a fab job and I love all your pics.

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