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When the previous year I was expecting Darling, I had allowed myself to gain quite some weight. I, unabashedly, fulfilled my pregnancy cravings and did little to eat healthy. But all that while I had determined that I’d make efforts to lose weight after the crucial period of my post pregnancy got over.
I had lost the desire to look myself in the mirror without wincing. I also remember feeling constant fatigue and ache in my heels, especially during the mornings after I woke up. Hence, after Darling was born, I gave myself 6 months to lose my pudginess. I decided to eat healthy and that which felt right for my body. So I began with renouncing sugar and bakery products. And cooking my food, using coconut oil. I spent time on Google, searching for healthy recipes and counting calories in whatever I ate. It helped that my sister’s wedding was due at the end of the year and I was all the more persuaded.

Its been a little over a year since I undertook the *lose weight mission*. And, I’ve come far enough to stop cringing when I view myself in the mirror now. Working out has been out of my league, even though I always had a mind to. The demand to be on my toes constantly has more or less bolstered my challenge to self.

And though I am still very far from having achieved a svelte shape, there’s been a slow and steady transformation in my cognizance for which I feel immensely grateful.

I have ceased to feel guilty, disconcerted and embarassed of the extra weight and have accepted myself as I am. I’ve not only become positive about my body but also aware and appreciative of the way it has served me. I’ve stopped judging myself and instead stress importance on the fact that I am in good health, have energy and my body has gone through so much. It now deserves care and respect. I now make conscious efforts to see only good in my physique.

Eating right is what I have committed myself to and will continue to incorporate it in my diet forever.

I’d love to hear if you have been or are into a fitness/good health routine. It always helps to gain a fresh perspective.

Looking forward to a lengthy doze since children have an off from school tomorrow. I can nap immediately after morning prayers.

Bonn nuit ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

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  1. To achieve anything in life, motivation is one of the most important factor that is required. Hats off to you on achieving your goal. Keep up the good work of writing such inspirational write ups. ๐Ÿ‘

  2. I hv seen the changes in u, after delivery u hv lost a good amount of weight n yr body is in shape. Yr determination has helped u. Keep it up my love. Wish u all the best for yr blog. Keep the good work going. Alhamdulillah

  3. Love your blog, I do fall off the healthy eating wagon, I enjoy clean eating and it gives good satisfaction that you are doing good to your body, keep at it and inshallah you will reach to your goal

  4. Rooshna i am a fan of yr writing style…. Good work… Kp it up dear…. N hats off to ur dedication n determination

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