My Small Vacation :)

The days are moving so slow and uneventfully. In contrast to the last fortnight, I feel languid, like I am just dawdling through life. I had been to Mumbai to meet my cousin, who has come here from UK for a month. Considering that we are almost the same age and had met after years, it was party time for us! We had plenty to talk and realized that we had a lot to catch up on. I was all ears to what she had to tell me about staying in London. Sharing a flat with some friends, she is studying and earning as well. Not only has she completed her MBA in Finance but is also pursuing CA now and works as head auditor in a super market near a gas station. I am full of admiration for her. Though she is savoring every moment in her life, it doesn’t take much intellect for one to know that she puts in as much hard work too. The most memorable day remains when her college friends came to meet her on the second day of my visit there. My cousin had prepared chicken biryani with aunt’s help and we lapped it all up in minutes. After lunch, we had a handwriting analyzes session, where I attempted to figure out each one’s personalities. Instead of concentrating on some insightful revelations, we ended up going on a laughter riot as one by one, each of us started cracking jokes on our ‘exposure’. lol! During the days, we spent hours hanging around in shopping malls. Also we tried our hands on all the gaming gears at the Inorbit Mall. We lunched at Nandos, where we gobbled up delicious chicken meal prepared with African and Indian spices. Window shopping intrigued us so much that we never realized where time flew while we hopped from one store to the next. When we went on a shopping spree, we splurged on clothes and my cousin was thoughtful enough to gift a beautiful white kurti to me. The days moved so rapidly but all of them remained similar in one aspect- that the house was always filled with friends, laughter and food! I have nothing to complain except that I miss them all and wish to relive those days again J Love you Ruby and all the best in everything you do!

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