On A Cleaning Spree

I deep clean my house at least once in every week. I’m generally not a hoarder of things and I despise messy drawers, cupboards, bags, kitchen cabinets and shelves. So, I picked today for rummaging through them all and straightening stuff out. Kids have settled into their holiday routine, their excitement having subsided to quite an extent. And though they continue with their hullabaloo, they mostly take it outside the house, into the compound, or upstairs to where our mum-in-law stays, where they happily chatter away or watch TV.

One of the things that annoys me is tainted kitchen glasswares and chopping boards. Even after a thorough wash, they’re often left with gravy, tea or food stains. For removing them, I use a procedure that I have grown up seeing my mum use. I add around 2 large caps or 1 small cup of bleach into a bucket of water and unload all my glasswares along with the white chopping board into the solution. After they are soaked for half an hour or so, I remove them all and run them through water before putting them to dry. This helps in keeping my glasswares immaculate ☺

I also use the same solution (bleach mixed with water) to sponge off the dust from the ceiling fans in all rooms along with doors, walls and windows. I, then, use a wet cloth to wipe off the solution. I have a maid who assists me and my work gets done much faster with her help. Alhamdulilah.

Habitually, it gives me peace to own less stuff. Clutter makes me feel stressed and so I have realised that if I own less things, it becomes more manageable for me to organise and methodize. Every so often, I make it a point to give away old clothes, shoes, children’s books and stationary, etc., that have been much used and worn in our house, towards charity. Afterall, I believe, one man’s waste becomes another man’s treasure.

Today, I also sorted through childrens’ cupboard and neatened their play areas. Considering the way they pick their clothes that they need to wear -by topsyturvyeying everything- the whole closet was in shambles! I wish I’d clicked a before and after image to show how well-arranged their wardrobe looks now.

I love how I feel after a day’s cleaning and sprucing the house up. If any one of you decides to pay a visit to my house, you will hardly find it beautifully adorned. I’m not into the ‘let’s-buy-fancy-stuff-for-my-house’ mode yet. My kids are too small and being boys, they can be very unruly. Hence, practically thinking, I don’t really need a pretty house. But, I can’t just let it rust in dust either. So I let my house look austere and artless for the time being, but certainly not in a slovenly state.

I’m craving for a quite read before I go to bed tonight. I havent been able to complete reading even one book this month 😕. Let’s see how things move after Isha (night prayers). Or else, I’m just gonna ignore everyone and settle in with my cuppa and the novel in hand.

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  1. Thanks for the bleach tip for chopping boards. I will try it.
    My house is filled with stuff right now, mostly kids stuff. I cannot retire anything until the baby has had her turn of using all books and toys belonging to her siblings!

  2. Cleaning is so very important…i am glad that i have been managing it well with my child…though i dont do it frequently which i should!!!

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