Our Trip Away From Home

We are back to our abode in Pune and our much awaited trip to Mumbai has concluded. Alhamdulilah, I’m glad that we spent everyday there making sure we have a good time.

Li’l Man, Wise Man and Darling had many a ‘first times’ in Mumbai this holiday:

🔸Since the multiplex is just a walk away from my parent’s house and we had heard rave reviews about this year’s blockbuster, I took them to watch the sequel of Bahubali 2. I’ve never taken them for a movie before and the boys were in awe of the whole phenomena of a movie theatre. They wanted me to take them there once again. Their requests were unmet, of course.

🔸Abbu (my dad) took them to the beach at Juhu. I couldn’t travel with them. I was low on health and stayed home with Darling. Once they were back, I got to hear stories about how thrilled they were to have seen the beach, touch the waves on the shore and play chase on the muddy sand there.

🔸On our trip to the mall, Li’l Man initiated trying out ‘the bungee jumping’. The ride is simply called so. It isn’t, in fact, a bungee jump at all. He was suspending high in the air for 3 mins, secured by cords and had the liberty to stretch and reach the trampoline below. I was pleasantly surprised that he wanted to try it out.

🔸Darling achieved his biggest milestone yet- walking without support. Alhamdulilah. Hubster was thrilled seeing Darling walk unsteadily towards him and drop in his arms when we returned here yesterday!

Besides the fascinating debuts of their experiences, we spent casual evenings in gardens close to home, where they had fun on slides and swings. Ice-creams, golas, candyfloss and popcorn had almost become a staple in their diet. I realised that I would have some straightening out to do once I returned to Pune because there they were spoilt silly.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to shop for books because the place I had in mind is too distant and it’d take me hours to reach back once I stepped out. I didn’t think it’d would have been wise to take kids along since the journey was long and they wouldn’t allow me to buy books at peace under the scorching sun. However, just a day before we were supposed to return, both Li’l Man and Wise Man agreed on staying home while they let me go to my dream destination (I’m easy to please, I know 🙄). Mamma (my mum) has been my travel companion everywhere and we had a good day lunching out, buying books and yapping away on our way in the cab.

Children still have a month to go before their school reopens. Hubster and myself will be busy with their school admissions soon. My parents have to deal with some work of their own in Pune so they travelled with me and are staying with us now.

I’m cherishing the rejuvenation I so strongly needed. I’m looking forward to resuming content writing from tomorrow. This break replenished us and I’m now in a mood to put my best foot forward, in sha Allah ☺

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  1. That’s truly a refreshing holidays. I am sure kiddos must be very happy and you all charged up for writing.

  2. Awesome.. me too waiting eagerly for momycation
    As it is moms house is always so relaxing and with what all u enjoyed, I am all the more interested

  3. Hope u had a great time dear…& So did ur kids…& Wtevr u write i feel so much connected to it ☺😊

  4. I am from Mumbai and we have home in Pune too. I love both the cities. Glad that you had so much fun!

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