Product Synopsis- Blend It Raw Apothecary

Shea butter is a cornucopia of good health and natural remedies. If you spot one that is odorless, off white/creamish and non-greasy then you have the purest form of shea butter.

An unadulterated form of shea butter is just what Blend It Raw gives you.

This post has been pending for long. I know It’s sweltering at the moment but I don’t wish to move forth without writing a review on this product first.


✔ When I got my hands on this magic butter, little did I know that it was swarming with benefits. Once I googled it, I realised that I could use it to apply on Darling’s skin, first as a patch test then on regular basis. The acne on Darling’s skin had been my worst nightmare even if I didn’t fuss about them much. So, last month, I used shea butter to rub all over Darling’s body and face after giving him a bath. Sure enough, Alhamdulilah, his skin improved and the dryness due to winters on his skin also disappeared. The natural fatty acids and vitamins helped greatly in keeping the skin hydrated.

✔ I am fond of lip balms and used the shea butter before going to bed. My lips tend to dry and crack often and the effect of shea butter has been remedial.

✔ Also, when I found hubster suffering from rashes on his feet, I simply rubbed the miracle butter and he was instantly relieved.


❌ There was almost nothing I did not like about this product except that it is expensive. A bottle of 50 g will cost you INR 475/-. However, if good skin and lips are high on your priority list, this can be overlooked.

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  1. I have used many products with shea butter from Body Shop or Envy Box but never got the chance to try or use purest of it. Will definitely try n search… but I have oily skin, will pure shea butter hive me acne/oily patches??

  2. I love Shea butter for my dry skin! It is pricey, I agree, but nothing works like it.

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