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I have been on a hunt to buy soaps that are organic. My skin is excessively dry and using harsh chemicals on my face further robs it of moisture. Also, I have placed myself on a journey to learn to use naturally grown/manufactured products. Hence, I was ecstatic to receive the handcrafted Grapefruit Shea Butter and Charcoal and Oats Facial soap bars by Cosmetic Junction.

Grapefruit Shea Butter Soap


✔  I personally enjoy unwrapping new soap bars because they are unused and dry and I can take a whiff without the peril of them slipping off my hands. This one is mild and fruity in fragrance.

✔ It lathers up well. Doesn’t foam up richly but easily rubs over skin, smoothly cleansing.

✔ It runs long. I have been using the soap for over a month now and it still sits on my shelf in the bathroom, assuring many more days of use ahead.

✔As I’ve mentioned before that I’ve developed a fondness for naturally made stuff, this soap matches my preference. It is vegan and has been created using coconut oil, shea butter and castor oil.

✔ It gets even better: it is biodegradable, GMO and paraben free. Also, it hasnt been tested on animals.


⛤ None that I can think of.

The Charcoal and Oats Facial Soap Bar.

The moment I unwrapped this one, Wise Man claimed his ownership to it. The black hue of the soap bar makes it stand out starkly in comparison to the usual luxury soaps that we purchase every month. Oats visibly matted on one side of it, this soap bar looks masculine and hence Wise Man’s reaction after seeing it, I guess.


✔ I used it to wash my face and instantly felt my skin supple. I didn’t feel the need to use moisturiser after it.

✔ The oats gently work as a scrub on your skin.

✔ This variation of soap bar is free from alcohol, petroleum, synthetic additives and artificial preservatives. Exactly what I wish to avoid!

✔ Moulded into a block, it is made using activated charcoal, vegetable glycerin, virgin coconut oil and castor oil. All natural components. Win win!


❌ It is not high on fragrance, unlike it’s counterpart reviewed above.

Verdict: These are not the best solid soaps that I have ever used, but they’re definitely one of the better ones and probably top of my list for organic soaps right now.

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