Product Synopsis- Cyahi

iPhone is a pièce de résistance (although, I don’t have one to call it my own 🙁). And beauty being fragile, has to be taken care of and encased. Hence, when Cyahi sent their iPhone case for me to review, I was bouyant, instantly deciding to gift it to hubster since he has an iPhone 6.


Artful design, solid look and scratch-resistant surface. This is what I espied on my first glance at Cyahi’s iPhone case. Clear, glossy and transparent with pink and green leafy motifs, it is flexible (kids had a good time playing catch and twisting it until I snagged it off their hands only to find it still in an excellent condition!). It is also durable since it is made of polycarbonate. I am hoping it will break the fall, if hubsters phone ever drops. He takes good care of his phone, unlike me who mostly has to tug away her mobile from Darling’s mouth! 🙄

What I also found pleasing is that they have each phone case prettily named on their website (at least a zillion have been listed!). Light in weight and waterproof, the phone cover has cut-outs for speaker, charger and camera.

Cons: Not one of those rugged phone cases which prevent phones from getting exposed to dirt, this phone case will have to be removed once in every while and wiped clean. Also, all phone cases listed on the website look feminine. They should look into designing them for men too.

Verdict : If you are into tasteful displays and quirky designs, Cyahi’s iPhone cases are a dream come true. But, if you are looking out for sturdy gifts for your male counterparts, discontent is what you’ll feel.

As for me, if hubster refuses to use the iPhone cover, I’m saving it until I meet my mum. I’m sure she’ll find it appealing.(Seems like I’m the only one without the enigmatic iPhone!) 🙄 

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