Product Synopsis- Good Juicery

The rains seem to have given Pune a miss this time around the year as I hear other parts of Maharashtra receiving pre-monsoon showers. The weather here is getting warmer by the day. Ergo, it felt nice to recieve cans of drinks from Good Juicery during this sweltering heat.

It has taken me immense effort to hide them from kids before I write a review and click satisfying snaps. I wanted to save them until Ramadan begins so that we could have them after we broke our fasts. But I’m already planning to order a batch of Good Juicery drinks for Ramadan, in sha Allah. Thus I’ve refrigerated the cans before we sip on them in the evening today.

For this review, though, I unsealed the can which said ‘Sparkling Guava’ and gulped it down. The product indicates that it is sugar-free and free from preservatives too. Since it is a carbonated drink, it tastes mildly fizzy but without the profound sweetness that is usually found in cokes and other aerated drinks. I liked the guava infused punch it left in my mouth. I also think it’d make a great slush drink. Add the juice over crushed ice and icecream and you’d have a float drink. Perfect for desserts at Iftar in Ramadan.

The flavors sent to me are four: apple, passion fruit, guava and mango with mandarin. The colors of the cans are vibrant, coordinating with the flavors in them. The quantity of each can is 250 ml, which is priced at INR. 80.
I have yet to stock up on food groceries for Ramadan this year and I’ll have to remind myself to include these cooler drinks from Good Juicery in my list now. ☺

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  1. Anything that’s sugar and preservatives free… is really welcome. I am sure to look for them here. And hooe you have a Blessed Ramadan

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