Product Synopsis – Super Gummy

So I’ve been asked to review Super Gummy on my blog. Honestly, I have never resorted to giving additional supplements to my children. I believe, they’ll derive the nutrients they require from proper food that I make for them. There are very few times when I dont give into the demands of their grumbling tummies. Egg rolls, Gud wali Roti (roti served with ghee and jaggery), dals with Roti and tea, different sorts of parathas. They ask and I make for them. Literally. This saves them from depending on outside munchies and food. Not that they don’t eat their share of chips, juices and chocolates. But not when they’re actually hungry.

Super Gummy promises to provide calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins in the form of gummies. Of course, my kids are gaga over them and can’t resist asking for more everytime their ‘quota’ for the day is over (I’ve sternly asked them to eat one of each flavor daily). It’s a solace to know that they are intaking nutritious sweets and not just addictive sugar. Also, Darling has it easy since the gummies are soft and it’s easy for him to sink his teeth into.

I appreciate how they come in different colours and flavours-

OMG Orange

Smashing Strawberry

Glorious Guava

Mango Masti

There are 30 chewable gummies in one pouch, which is priced at Rs. 129. Each pouch has a ziplock.

Verdict – If you are overly concerned about your child’s nutritional requirements and they’re too fussy to eat well, Super Gummy may be the answer to your frets.

As for me, I may order Super Gummy because my kids are fond of the flavors 😊

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