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It is not often that I receive presents, considering the dimunitive social life that I lead. And, in all honesty, it’d never occur to me to get my stuff personalized. So, when I was sent an exquisite set comprising of a napkin and a bib, etched with Darling’s name on it, I can’t say I wasnt thrilled.

A personalised gift speaks volumes. It symbolises the effort you take to make someone feel special. And that’s just what I felt when I became the recipient of my baby’s first ever personalised baby essential ☺


The Napkin.

✔ The napkin is made of terrycloth hence absorbs water nicely when Darling steps fresh out of his bath (usually in my arms, i.e.).

✔ I use the napkin as towel at the moment since it wraps well around Darling’s tiny body. Yes, its sizable.

✔ I love it’s relucent green hue, bordered with a xanthous periphery.

The Bib.

✔ Darling is a year old, which means that I have introduced solids and finger foods to him. This, of course, translates into messy mouth and hands. The bib is roomy enough to reach his belly button and I can thoroughly wipe his palms, fingers and lips clean. The bib, too, is of terrycloth fabric.

✔ The emblematic ‘dad’s lion’ etched on the bib does little to reduce hubster’s mollycoddling Darling 🙄. It’s adorable, actually!

✔ The sensible velcro at the ends of the bib are a relief since I’ve had enough trouble struggling with tying knots when my eldest two were younger.


❌ I suggest using a fabric softener after handwashing the bib and the napkin. They tend to become mildly harsh after normal wash.

Verdict: What gladdens me is that I can treasure Darling’s name on his bathing essentials forever. Even when he’s way ahead of his childhood phase, in sha Allah. This is why it also serves as a great gifting concept. Who wouldn’t be smitten with their names embossed on souvenirs?

The Pipal has an amazing array of toddler and children products, which can be made to personalize on order. To get more details, you can visit their website.

I had resolved to write this blog post after children’s ongoing exams are done with. Notwithstanding the writer’s bug that bites me ever so often though, here I am with this review.

Do tell me if this review gets you interested and fascinated into buying personalised stuffs. Your feedbacks are what keeps me going.

Au revoir 💟

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  1. I’ve always been very skeptical ordering linen online, your detailed review has given me quite a clear picture of the product.. I guess I’ll buy online the next time 👍

  2. Oh, this looks very nice product. No one gave me such personalized stuff in my childhood…Lol. Good atleast now kids can receive.

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