Redeeming My Pizzazz

I have been on a blogging hiatus after Ramadan concluded. To be honest, I’ve been craving to write but my listlessness has gotten better of me. I was going through my earlier write-ups and it struck me how much I enjoyed blogging, writing content and articles for the e-mag. The lazy stupor seemed to have hit me hard. For reasons I can’t fathom, I have been feeling unproductive. Which has led me to shun eating healthy, write less and be tardy overall, even though I have tried so much to wave it off. I guess you just have to let phases like these pass and get over the cloudiness that mars your good thoughts and efficiency.

My sister is on a visit to India. It’s pathetic how less we get to see each other since she has gone to U.A.E. I plan to ask her to co-ordinate her office leaves around my visits to Mumbai to our parents. At least this way we can be with each other for longer times during her stays to India. 

This time she came for just a few hours to my place for lunch yesterday and rushed back to Mumbai to spend time with mum. She and bro-in-law have come to India to attend a wedding in their family. It was so thoughtful of them to bring goodies for kids, hubster and me.

Some luxury shower gel, warm oil, body mist, those adorable mugs, a small diary with pen, some innerwear (not in the pic) and colorful measurement cups for baking.

Chocolate-covered dates with almonds for hubster.

 A haul of chocolate for kids (half of this has been gobbled up already😒)

Along with some stationary to keep them busy for a few days.

I have been hunting for my mojo back and though I still feel befuddled, I am going to let the pending works, product reviews and article writing jolt me back into doing my best, in sha Allah.

Do you have days such as these that make you want to give up doing stuff that you love? How do you cope with them?

I’m excited about a guest post that I’ve been offered to write. It’s for one of my favourite bloggers. Alhamdulilah for opportunities like these ☺

Leaving now just to see you very soon, in sha Allah.

Au revoir 💟

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  1. Yes !! been on too many lazy stupors in here …. how do i get back ??… I start from the beginning / get back , what else to do ?… i think we always fall off wagon whenever we try something new. The getting back starts from getting back on the wagon no matter how many time you fall …

    That’s what i feel ….

    On a personal note… long time , no hi … i want to murder you … 😛
    love you … stay safe !

  2. I go through similar phases myself, and I think sometimes it’s great to step back from things and take a little break. You really do feel refreshed and empowered afterwards! P.S I’m loving all these gifts <3 Oh, and chocolate doesn't stay in our home for very ling too 😉

    1. Hey how did i miss seeing ur comment! Yes you are right. A step away from too much going on does make you feel clear headed. Thank you for taking time to comment sweets ❤❤❤

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