Reveries at Dawn…

Early mornings are the favourite part of my days. I love waking up for fajr prayers, then sitting on the prayer mat, reaching out for His blessings and reflecting. 

Pray unto Me and I will hear your prayer’  (Quran 40:60). 

How uncomplicated.

I am loathe to the times when I miss Fajr prayers . It leaves me guilt-ridden.There are days when it gets difficult to be up on time, since my baby keeps me awake almost all night. He’s a day sleeper. And so, I tend to fall out of routine quite often. I am working on setting up a regime that doesnt allow me to miss my morning prayers, in sha Allah.

So here I am, done with my adhkars for the morning. Soon, I’ll be waking my elder two boys for school, pack their lunch boxes and wave them good bye till their vans move out of sight. The time has come when I should start waking them up for Fajr prayers first now. So that it perpetuates a habit in them since an early age. The last thing I’d want for them is to lose sight of their prayers while running after mundane things to do in life.

But first, my cup of tea beckons ­čÖé

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