Sameena’s Objets d’art

My infatuation with art has always been existent even if amateurish to an extent. I feel that it must take chaos or some flurry inside one’s being to exhibit their creativity on a canvas or in the form of sculptures or probably as a designer who fashions clothes.

Growing up and as a child, I remember trying hard to draw, sketch and color. Although, I know well today that I am not gifted in a craft and art sort of way but I delight in people who are heartfelt artists. Sure, I can write. But as an artist, I can’t say I hold much sway.

Our walls are being graced by the impressive artwork that Sameena created for me and children. I don’t think I can do justice writing a review on them. For how can you find words for an earnest and profound artistry?

As someone famous said, “An artist cannot fail. It is a success just to be one.” 

I don’t consider myself proficient enough to appraise these stunning pieces of art.

And so, I’ll let the pictures speak to you.

Sameena is an established artist, who accepts orders for creating frameworks, even those that require being customised. Personally, I wouldn’t place too much emphasis on fashioning her artistry and I didn’t either. She brought her own game on the canvas and created splendid work, as one can see.

Thank you, Sameena for adorning my walls with your brilliant creativity. And for being extremely patient while I came up with this blog post.

Wishing you lots of luck and success in all your endeavours ❤

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