The 5 Best Sensitive Baby Wipes of 2019 in India

As a mum of three now, I am often asked, what advice, if any, I would give to parents of a new born. And I can’t help but think back to myself as a new mum.

Mostly, I remember being a bundle of self-doubt. Not knowing if I was doing anything right. Perhaps I wasn’t cut out for motherhood. I remember feeling that my baby deserved better.

Reminiscing over my first time being a mom, makes me feel a little unhappy but things are way different now. With a better and wise hindsight, I reply with certainty to the questions posed to me by new parents in the present times.

Mostly the questions are about baby feeding, baby care, potty-training and good brands to use for their new borns.

So, today, I thought of making a list of sensitive baby wipes that we, as mums, realise how easy those make our lives! Of course, our babies have super sensitive and delicate skins and we don’t want to take the risk of using stuff that are laden with chemicals and would harm them in any way.

After a bit of research, I understand that one ingredient that is a major cause of concern is Phenoxyethanol, which is used as a preservative to avoid mold and bacterial growth in cosmetics including baby wipes. And as per campaigns for safe cosmetics, oral exposure of infants to phenoxyethanol can affect the adequate functioning of their nervous systems.

The good news is that there are best baby wipes on the market that are relatively harmless and free of toxic components. And you certainly need them to save you countless run-ins with sticky fingers, gross diapers, boogers and more, provided you pick a brand that’s does the job!

Let’s have a look at some of those in the list below:

1. Mother Sparsh Unscented Wipes

If your heart is set on natural ingredients, you may want to consider these wipes. They’re made of fine and thick cotton wool, making it almost a biodegradable towel so they’re strong enough to handle the worst diaper changes your baby can muster up. All while being soft enough to feel nice on their skins.
The makers don’t use irritating chemical elements. The only ingredient used is water.
So, rest assured, this one will work for every type of skin. Soft yet sturdy, these wipes are worth the hype and can be used anywhere on your baby’s body.
Overall, this is a choice that’s thick, soft to the touch and even a little larger than most others.

They’re a great choice for babies with sensitive skins because they’re hypoallergenic (just means that they are formulated to minimise the risk of skin allergies) without any of the harmful ingredients that we, as parents, wish to avoid like paraben, petro-chemicals or synthetic fragrances.
The ingredients are purified water and a bit of lavender oil fragrance in the form of lavender oil extract, which is a natural skin conditioner and calming to the smelling senses.
The wipes themselves are made from viscose and polyester and are also ideal for adults with sensitive skin or who frequently break out in rashes.

These wipes do leave a kind of moisturizing effect on the skin. Can be used for meal times to clean those sticky faces and hands or keep them in your diaper bag to take care of the gross messes in a jiffy.
The fabric won’t feel harsh against your baby’s skin or yours. The wipes have a soft grip texture so your baby will be gently, but effectively, cleaned after a dirty or wet diaper.
Infused with ingredients that include organic aloe vera and chamomile, these wipes should be soothing to any diaper rashes your baby develops.
The scent is light and barely noticeable. But no, they are not unscented.
These baby wipes are non-allergenic and supremely comforting when used on already irritated skin. Plus, they’ve been tested by dermatologists and pediatricians.
Enriched with rosehip and chamomile, these baby wipes can be used anywhere on your newborn’s body, including the delicate skin of their faces.
Because they’re also high on lanolin, it will help in preventing your child’s healthy skin from drying out.
These are easy-to-use wipes, woven in lattice technique and are made of purified water as the base of formulation. In easy words, these are water based wipes which are not chemical-dense and are soft on baby skin.

Quintessentially, my favourites are the Mother Sparsh Wet Unscented Wipes.

I love that there is just one all-natural ingredient in them- water. If you feel strongly about contributing to the environment, then these would be highly recommended since they are also biodegradable.

As a side note, if your baby breaks into a rash from any of the above brands that you’re investing in, don’t get frantic. It happens to almost all of us as parents. Just try some new formulas and your baby’s skin should clear up in just a couple of days.
I hope this article is of benefit to you. Let me know what’s your favored brand of wet baby wipes. Have you tried cloth wipes or biodegradable brands?

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