There Is A ‘First Time’ For Everything

My kids range from 2 to 8 years old. Li’l Man (my eldest) is 8 years old- he’ll be 9 in a month’s time, Wise Man (second child) is 7 years old while Darling is 2 years old.

Sometimes it feels that we come across as a surprise to people who see us together as a family (such a huge group!). Coz rarely (if ever) when we go out, someone stops me to comment, “Your hands are full!”

It’s true, I’m a busy mama. But honestly I learnt motherhood arduously not so much after my third child was born but when I became a mom after Li’l Man arrived, my first child.
Every baby is a transition, but I believe that moving into motherhood for the first time is majestic! After that it’s, as they say, “once a mom always a mom.”
The experience of bringing a child into the world is so individual and unique to each woman going through it. The first time I was handed Li’l Man in my arms, I remember being overwhelmed by an amazing gush of love.
Those first few weeks were disorientating, breath-taking and also eye-opening. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy to have my very own gorgeous tiny human, however, mothering is hard work. And as much as I was amazed at holding and cuddling my bundle of joy, I was also worrying whether I was doing it all right.
You may never be an “expert,” but with experience you build confidence and an armory of tricks of the trade. You learn to be more “okay” with the fact that no one ever really knows everything. And I realise today that I was doing a great job as a first time mother 😊

My first time experience with #Firsttimewaterwipes came with Darling, my third child. Earlier, I used cloth diapers or simply wiped Li’l Man with cotton cloth and water.

Water wipes by Mother Sparsh:

Let me begin by telling you that water wipes are the best thing to happen to mothers all around the world! This coming from a mother who worked hard carrying her elder two kids to wash in the loo whenever they stained their diapers as babies!

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are not only great to use bit also safe as they are not made of polyester. The flame test I did, said it all. There was no burnt plastic odour or adhesiveness to the fabric.

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